Lian Hua Arts Group

Chinese New Year 2014 Part 2

The fun and performances continue once again with a second round of the Chinese New Year event. This round features Piano Solo, Clarinet Duet, Pipa, Violin Solo, Chinese Fan Dance, Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration, Plum Blossom Dance, and Guitar Solo. A well done performance and all of the seniors at the Jack Layton Seniors Housing enjoyed it very much!

Chinese New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! With the year of the horse that has arrived, Lian Hua Arts Group has started off the Lunar New Year with a great performance. This set of performances are Lion Dance, Piano Solo, Flute Duet, Guitar Solo, Chinese Fan Dance, Chinese Fan Dance #2, and Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration. They are all performed at the Eatonville Care Centre.