Lian Hua Arts Group





Dano Korean Festival 2014

Lian Hua Arts Group has attended the Dano Korean Festival with a fantastic performance. The performances attended are Lion Dance, Fan Dance #3, and the Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration. Well Done!

World Falun Dafa Day 2014

The Lian Hua Arts Group team would like to wish Master Li a very happy sixty second birthday on this year's World Falun Dafa Day. The performances are excellent with the Lion Dance, Fan Dance, Ladies of Manchurian, Mulan, Violin Duet (with Clearview School Violin Duet), and Gong Fu Dance with special appearences of the Yao Gu and Clearview Arts School! Happy Birthday Master Li!

Heritage Beyond Borders 2014

The team of Lian Hua Arts Group were present for a fantastic event with the Hindi and Pakistani community. The dances they performed are Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration and Laides of Manchuria. There was great meal and they had a great time as well as the entire audience!

National Ethnic Press

At the City Hall in Downtown Toronto, Lian Hua Arts Group did a stunning performace to everyone in the audience, including the premier of Ontario. They did a lovely performance of Mulan, Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration and Gong Fu Dance. Great job team and the entire audience was very excited to see all performances!

International Children's Day 2014

Every member of the Turkish Community was prepared for Lian Hua Arts Group as well as all other performers. Suddenly, there was a rainfall and everyone headed to City Hall. The rain may come but the show must go on! The Lian Hua Arts Group team did a performace of the Lion Dance and Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration. Not only they did an awesome performance, but they receive an award! Well done and great job!

Asian Heritage Month 2014

The York Region Police team was very glad the Lian Hua Arts Group made a dramatic performance with the Lion Dance at the Asian Heritage Month. The team was a great success with their loud, strong and powerful, yet, entertaining music and all audience, as well as the Very Important Persons, clapped their hands to a great dance perfomed!

Multicultural Showcase 2014

Another performance achieved by the Lian Hua Arts Group. The Lion Dance and Awakening Spring performances warmed all of the audience's hearts even though it was a bitter cold night outside! The strong beating of the drums surrounded the auditorium with great sounds! Everyone enjoyed the movment and made a strong applaud to the team.

Chinese New Year 2014 Part 2

The Lunar New Year performances continue once again with a second round event! This round features Piano Solo, Clarinet Duet, Pipa, Violin Solo, Chinese Fan Dance, Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration, Plum Blossom Dance and Guitar Solo. A well done performance and all of the seniors at the Jack Layton Seniors Housing enjoyed all performances very well!

Chinese New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the horse has arrived and Lian Hua Arts Group has started off the Lunar New Year with a great performance! This set of performances are Lion Dance, Piano Solo, Flute Duet, Guitar Solo, Chinese Fan Dance, Chinese Fan Dance #2, and Falun Dafa Exercise Demonstration. They all performed at the Eatonville Care Centre.